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Thursday, October 20, 2016


(Remembering Winter)

A blizzard blows
outside my door
yet I am peaceful
to  the core
My little house
though not air-tight
will survive
this stormy night
Drink in hand
wrapped in shawls
pen to parchment
raucous scrawls
I'm in the dark
Punished for my
last remark?
Candles are lit
a  subtle light
Something has happened
Nature's slight?
No,,that's too heavy
too surreal
to think Nature cares
about how I feel
So back to writing this little verse
Relaxed and happy
it could be worse


Friday, September 30, 2016

Good as it Gets

It’s as good as it gets
Don’t have fits
So it’s gonna rain
Don’t complain
Sit by the fire
drink champagne

It’s as good as it gets
Let people stare
At love everywhere
See those two kissing
something your missing?
Get out there and find it
Put yourself behind it

It’s as good as it gets
The sun will come out
then we’ll shout
and run about
play in the sand
Life’s so grand

It’s as good as it gets
Dry those tears
Wrap those fears
Shift those gears
Make life dance
Now’s your chance

It’s as good as it gets
Soon one forgets
Just a few lines
Like nursery rhymes
Not to heady
get yourself ready
Cause life’s just fine
Most of the time
It’s as good as it gets
So no regrets


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31 March, 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016

No Worries

No worries now
no sacred cow
no hand upon
a furrowed brow

No imagined slights
no late night fights
no wise insights
no fatal bites

No love remiss
no midnight kiss
no flight to bliss
no more of this

No painful dreams
of love's lost schemes
no possible themes
where life redeems

No shared domain 
where some remain
no trying again
on another plain

No worries now
no sacred cow
no hand upon
a furrowed brow


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Who's Heart

Who's heart is it anyway?
that lives to breath another day
and somehow finds another course
without succumbing to remorse
To grow compassion without fight
Does love conquer the swords of might?
or naivety cloud the mind
so that other's plights leave us blind
Is that sword mightier than the fist
or can we find another twist
a way to serve by standing by
to pick up survivors on the fly
Lay down the anger and the angst
the confusion between for and against
which twists and turns in every case
and friends take on the enemy's face

I'll wait and watch and surely see
what this has got to do with me


Sunday, July 3, 2016



He's a man so he can fix things
one of the perks being a guy brings
He's a man so he's allowed to curse
say "son of a gun" and probably worse :-)
He's a man he's allowed to be wrong
and nobody's standin' around with a gong
He's a man, he better not cry
or all of his buddies will want to know why
He's a man and always a great lover
at least that's what he'll tell you brother
He's a man so a lot is expected
not supposed to get upset the times he's rejected
He's a man, supposed to act that way
no matter what other people do or say
He's a man, gee it must be tough
being my special guy,
a diamond in the rough.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On a Path

On a path of discontent
its hard to know what words are meant
to sooth us or to express our scorn
at being human beings born
who face the throws of loves desertion
without some new and best diversion
to bring us back to joy and pleasure
and melodious poems written at leisure.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

General Practitioner

(Photo Courtesy of Google)

General practitioner
Who are you
All I know is
What you do

Do you like me
I often wonder
To be bold and ask
Would be a blunder

So I see you
Once a week
Only of my ailment
Do we speak

Cures for wounds
Medically started
When I’m healed
We’ll be parted

I won’t know you
It’s too bad
Thinking about it
Makes me sad

‘cause of all the men
I’ve met in awhile
You're the one
Who makes me smile

Thank you doctor
For helping me see
There’s still a romantic
Hidden in me

I’ll open doors now
And take a chance
That I’ll be able
To find romance

And when I find
A love that’s true
I’ll know it was possible
Because of you