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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

'Right' in Rhyme?

Do we write in rhyme
to save time?
Not a crime.

When we talk in verse
do doubts disperse?
and every other curse.

Do we talk this way
so that what we say
won't go astray?

Do we want to look bright
not out of sight
whatever our plight.

Or just for fun
when we're on the run
getting other things done.

Could be the heart of the poet
wouldn't you know it
we just have to show it.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Good As It Gets

It’s as good as it gets
Don’t have fits
So it’s gonna rain
Don’t complain
Sit by the fire
drink champagne

It’s as good as it gets
Let people stare
At love everywhere
See those two kissing
something your missing?
Get out there and find it
Put yourself behind it

It’s as good as it gets
The sun will come out
then we’ll shout
and run about
play in the sand
Life’s so grand

It’s as good as it gets
Dry those tears
Wrap those fears
Shift those gears
Make life dance
Now’s your chance

It’s as good as it gets
Soon one forgets
Just a few lines
Like nursery rhymes
Not to heady
get yourself ready
Cause life’s just fine
Most of the time
It’s as good as it gets
So no regrets