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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

General Practitioner

(Photo Courtesy of Google)

General practitioner
Who are you
All I know is
What you do

Do you like me
I often wonder
To be bold and ask
Would be a blunder

So I see you
Once a week
Only of my ailment
Do we speak

Cures for wounds
Medically started
When I’m healed
We’ll be parted

I won’t know you
It’s too bad
Thinking about it
Makes me sad

‘cause of all the men
I’ve met in awhile
You're the one
Who makes me smile

Thank you doctor
For helping me see
There’s still a romantic
Hidden in me

I’ll open doors now
And take a chance
That I’ll be able
To find romance

And when I find
A love that’s true
I’ll know it was possible
Because of you


Friday, April 22, 2016

Out of heaven, down to earth
Filled with gusty passion and mirth
Pleased to be here, pleased to care
Free to experience, open to bear
Life’s idiosyncrasies, life’s varied trials
Life’s salty tears, and myriad smiles
What a trip, what great fun
And the best part is, it’s just begun


Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Some memories
 are stored within
they pop out at times
 and cause a grin
others fair a little worse
when they pop out,
 could cause a curse
then there are those 
from days gone by
they can sometimes
 make you cry
some create a story or two
and who gets told
 is up to you
I like that one that
 carried him there
to a place 
we used to share
a memory from
 a spot down under
where nature was grand,
 and a source of wonder.


Friday, April 8, 2016


I have this cloud above my head
and live each day in mortal dread
of showers of rain it dumps on me
covers my face, my eyes can't see

the sun that shines just to my right
it's warmth would surely ease my plight
but I'm attached to my cloud for now
for some perverse pleasure it does endow

I want to wallow in grief for a spell
and become familiar with my hell
stamp and scream and cry, unfair!
why has destiny put me there

I have this cloud above my head
and live each day in mortal dread
that it might leave and set me free
and this I fear emphatically.


Monday, April 4, 2016


How sweet these babes of nature be
who give such pleasure to you and me
In the rush and energy of daily life
they allow us respite from our strife
or simply show us nature's beauty
during moments we are spared from duty
be they swan families all in a line
or baby sparrows growing up fine
a special gift to have the chance
to feel sweet moments
 of life's romance.